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A company that helps different “brands deliver better products and services” through consumer opinions.

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Vindale Research was founded by iGain LLC in 2005 as a third party marketing research company.

Vindale Research is known for helping businesses of all sizes to generate reliable data via surveys by providing the company with participants. One of the benefits this company offers its survey takers is cash payments. Most other third party research companies pay their people through a points system, which can be convoluted and tedious for the users. However, Vindale Research will pay qualified participants appropriately, according to a sliding scale determined by several factors.

Fortunately, registering to take surveys through Vindale Research is quick, easy, and free. A word to the wise, avoid any sites that claim you need to pay to participate in their surveys; those sites are most likely scams.

According to the Vindale Research website, they have successfully paid almost eight million dollars to their team of survey takers and have provided data to big brand names such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and more.

An accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and a business life of 15 years is a testament to the validity of this research company. Vindale Research has proven itself to be a website you can trust to pay you for your time and effort in taking their surveys.

Like with most survey sites, there are some realistic complaints about Vindale Research. One of the most common gripes is that their $50 payout minimum is too high. Additionally, there can be timing issues with the surveys. Despite those complaints, Vindale Research is still one of the best surveys for pay options online today.


✅ Surveys that pay more

✅ Easy to navigate interface

✅ A-rating from the BBB

✅ Quick payments

✅ More than one way to earn

❌ High minimum cashout amount

❌ Not everyone can qualify for the $50+ surveys

❌ Only available in certain places


If you are thinking of applying to be a member and take surveys with Vindale Research, we have good news: their startup process is super easy and very user-friendly. It only takes a couple of minutes, and then you will be on your way answering surveys.

During the signup process, you need to answer several demographic questions. It is best to answer these honestly, and to the best of your ability, they determine which surveys will or will not be eligible for participation by you. Answering incorrectly could prevent you from surveys that you would be able to take otherwise. After signing up, someone at Vindale Research will contact you and invite you to complete your first survey. This invitation usually comes within minutes, but can sometimes take several hours after submitting your application.

Vindale Research is well known and most popular for the plethora of surveys and other earning opportunities they offer their members. Not only can you earn money by taking available surveys, but you can also earn by watching videos or inviting friends through their referral program.

As of right now, you must be 18 years or older and live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada in order to earn money through Vindale Research. If you fall into both of those categories, you can sign up using either your Facebook or your email address.


We have talked about how easy it is to get started with Vindale Research. If you are still unsure, we have put together this step-by-step guide to show you exactly how the process works.

  1. Create your account

Sign up to be a member of Vindale Research through their website. This process is free. You only need to answer basic questions that will verify your identity; answering the demographic questions will come later. Choose to sign up with either your email address or Facebook account, both methods work equally well. Then you should take their “Tutorial Survey.” It is a rare feature and an easy dollar, so definitely spend the extra couple minutes to complete this.

  1. Complete your profile

Now that you are an official member, it is time to answer those demographic questions. Again, these answers allow the company to determine which surveys you are eligible for, so we suggest filling out your profile honestly and completely. The questions will be mundane and basic questions that Vindale Research will use to better know you from a market research standpoint. These answers will guide them in determining which surveys they should be asking you to fill out. Not only does Vindale Research keep all this information confidential, but you also get two dollars for filling out the profile fully.

  1. Participate in surveys

Once you have completed steps one and two, you can move on to actually taking the surveys. You will see a “Studies” button on your homepage that will direct you to a master list of all the surveys available to you. This section allows you to see survey titles and how much you will make from them upon completion. It is important to note that the surveys refresh regularly, so you will always have new surveys available to you.

  1. Follow on social media

A great way to get extra rewards is by following the Vindale Research social media accounts. You can enter any rewards you get on the homepage of your account under the “Reward Codes” button.

  1. Try the referral program

Another easy way to earn through this company is by sending friends invitations for them to fill out surveys as well. Vindale Research provides a personal referral link to share, and you get five dollars for every person who joins the site and completes a survey after using your link. Considering the easy two-dollar rewards just from signing up, it is easy to get your friends on board.

  1. Withdraw your earnings

When it comes time to cash-out, you should know that there is a $50 minimum before you can withdraw money. Some users consider this a disadvantage. However, if you are regularly completing surveys, this threshold is not unattainable.

  1. Get the Chrome extension

Last but not least, Vindale Research has its own Chrome extension, which is a rare feature compared to other survey sites. Installing the extension gives you a chance to earn more, faster. The extension allows Vindale Research to notify you immediately when new surveys are available, giving you the opportunity to join surveys sooner. The higher-paying surveys usually have a limited number for participation, meaning that being able to sign up sooner is a huge advantage.


As of right now, only research surveys are available through Vindale Research. Uniquely, there are more options to earn money through their site that is not survey related.

Their research surveys

Part of why Vindale Research is so popular is its stellar reputation for quick and regular payments to their members. Members also report that the surveys are fun and engaging.

Vindale Research offers a variety of research surveys. The surveys are valued on a sliding scale that depends on several factors, such as length, complexity, and demographic factors. Compared to other survey sites, Vindale Research has many higher-paying surveys that usually range anywhere between fifty cents to five dollars. On occasion, survey compensation can even be as high as $100, but it largely depends on what you qualify to survey for.

What are some more ways to earn through Vindale Research?


This option is a great way to earn easy cash through this website. It is a way to make extra money without having to take surveys. Opportunities that offer bonus cash are: confirming your email address, reward codes through Vindale Research social media accounts, and participating in on-site contests.


An excellent way to get some extra cash is by referring a friend to Vindale Research. Once they sign up and take their first survey, five dollars will be kicked back into your account.


Paid emails are a great way to earn easy money from Vindale Research. They will pay members anywhere from ten cents to two dollars to open, read, and sometimes subscribe to receiving tons of emails.


While it is not the most efficient way to earn money, there is the option to watch videos and get paid. This is a great option if there are no surveys available that day or if you have some extra time on your hands with nothing to do.


Vindale Research needs a selfie to verify your identity when they are paying you. Fortunately, they are willing to pay you even for the photo. You simply take a selfie the next time you withdraw money from them through PayPal, and Vindale Research gives you money in return. These selfies help them ensure that their payments are going to real people and that their members are actually receiving the money the company is paying.


Customer support is one of the services that can “make or break” a company. Fortunately, Vindale Research has excellent customer support and offers many opportunities for its members to get the answers they need.

They have a plethora of options for their members, such as a help center that features an extremely detailed FAQ section with answers to every question you could think of. If you cannot get the answers you are looking for there, Vindale Research has customer service available via email, phone, virtual help ticket, and fax. They also accept questions through their social media accounts.


Vindale Research has one of the simplest payout methods among third-party online market research survey companies. Their members enjoy the ease of being paid one of two ways, either through check or through PayPal.

The ability to be paid by check is nothing new. However, Vindale Research offers checks at unprecedented speed. While other sites make their members wait as long as a month to receive their checks, Vindale Research will have yours in the mail within a matter of days. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of receiving a check in the mail, Vindale Research also affords its members their ability to be paid through PayPal. This method is not available through most survey companies, making it a unique and well-favored feature.

We want to emphasize again that Vindale Research does have a minimum amount before they allow their members to withdraw funds. While some sites cash out as soon as you finish taking a survey, Vindale Research makes it a requirement for a member to have at least $50 before they can cash-out.


Vindale Research is different from other third party market research companies for several reasons. First, this company has a long history. They have spent 15 years connecting businesses with survey takers and helping the markets collect accurate and correct data. The longevity of their company has allowed them to create the most user-friendly website with simple designs, easy access, and engaging content.

Not to mention, Vindale Research also offers non-survey related earning opportunities. It is an alluring factor to be able to earn money by reading emails, taking selfies, and more in addition to completing relevant surveys. Vindale Research offers the most earning opportunities compared to other similar companies.

Last but not least, the Chrome extension that Vindale Research developed stands out among the rest. The ability to get an instant notification for new surveys, which grants users the possibility of earning more money at a faster rate. This convenient addition makes Vindale Research better than its competitors.


Vindale Research is a third party market research company that offers exceptional pay to members in exchange for market data. There is ample opportunity to earn money through surveys, videos, and other easy tasks. A free membership with this company is a great way to earn money with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

Our rating: 4,9

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