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Survey Junkie is a web-based market research business that helps various companies and brands design and distribute high-quality goods and services by obtaining consumer reviews and opinions.  Created in 2013, Survey Junkie has become one of the most widely used research companies with over 8 million users that log in to take surveys.

Survey Junkie works alongside popular brands or brands that are just starting out by creating surveys that gather public opinion about their various services and products.  Based on the results of the public opinion (the members taking the surveys), these companies can modify their products and improve the quality of their services.  Survey Junkie is free to use for its members, but there are a few minor requirements to join.  Survey Junkie users must reside in the countries of either the United States of America, Australia, or Canada.  They must also accept the terms and regulations of not opening more than one member account per person.


The registration process on Survey Junkie is simple. Members even get paid for simply registering and watching a video that gives them information about the website and how it works. Once you register as a member, you will start to receive emails regularly from Survey Junkie that include the various surveys they have up on their website that day.

Survey Junkie works based off of a point system. For every survey or microtask that a member finishes on the website, they earn a certain number of points (also known as Life Points). Once the member accumulates a certain amount of points, they can redeem those points for money.  It is important to note that there is a minimum requirement of points that the member has to earn before they can withdraw any money.


There are multiple ways to make money on Survey Junkie. The first way to make money is by simply signing up for the website. Members can get a total of 75 points for simply entering in their personal demographics and completing their user profile.  

Furthermore, members get a chance to verify their email address and watch a video that gives them a virtual tour of the Survey Junkie website and how it works. Doing these two final steps to register earns the members more points. 

Paid Surveys

By far, the most common way to earn money on Survey Junkie by taking paid surveys. The emails sent to members contain various paid surveys that have just been listed on the platform. However, a member can log into the website at any time and take these surveys if they do not want to wait for the emails.

Every time a member completes a survey, they earn a certain number of points. The amount of points survey takers earn depends on various factors.  The first factor is the amount of time it takes the user to complete that survey.  Surveys that longer to participate in usually come with more points upon completion. Also, the difficulty of the content of the survey is another factor in how many points the user will earn after completing it. However, Survey Junkie leaves no surprises as the user is notified of both the length of the survey and how many points they will earn upon completion before they even start the survey. The average survey will earn the member anywhere from $2 to $10 in life points for completing it. The conversion rate from points to dollars is 1 dollar for every 10 points on Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie has an extensive amount of paid surveys on it. However, the member will not always qualify for every paid survey that they try to complete. A lot of the surveys on the platform are created specifically for a certain kind of demographic in mind. This is where the importance of the personal demographics that the individual enters during the registration process comes in. Survey Junkie uses that personal information to tailor certain surveys towards specific individuals in the emails they send out.

Focus Groups

The less commonly used method of making money on Survey Junkie is focus group discussions. However, focus groups are the biggest moneymaker on this website as they earn the member the most points. Focus groups are extremely specified web-based conversations about certain products and surveys that brand names and companies put out. Focus group discussions require a lot more fan involvement than traditional surveys.Therefore, the compensation rate for these focus groups is usually higher as well. However, focus groups are not as commonly available as traditional paid surveys making them more in demand. Also, the requirements to qualify for a focus group are much more strict than the requirements for traditional surveys.


Survey Junkie has an extremely straightforward payment system. For every 100 points earned, the user gets paid $1. These points can be redeemed for money using 3 different methods. The user can choose to have money transferred directly into their Paypal account from Survey Junkie. The second option is that the user can receive e-gift cards in the amount of money they have earned.  These e-gift cards are available for major shopping brands such as Target or Amazon.


There are several advantages to using Survey Junkie over competing market survey websites.

✅ First of all, Survey Junkie is a very convenient way to make money for its users. It is free to sign up, and all the users need is access to high-speed internet.  High-speed internet can be found in most average American households these days.  Also, Survey Junkie does not have any timely guidelines that the user must meet. The user can work around their schedule and log on at any time of the day to take surveys and make money.

✅ Another advantage of Survey Junkie is that it has a very simple and straightforward interface. The website layout and background are designed to allow even the least tech-savvy individuals to surface the website with ease. Also, the website registration process is very simple. It is broken down into small steps and even pays the user simply for signing up and taking a virtual tour of the website.

✅ A third advantage that Survey Junkie has over other survey websites is that it has a very simple and effective point and money-making system. You take surveys to get points and then convert those points into monetary value. Survey Junkie has a much lower withdrawal minimum requirement than competing survey companies. For example, InboxDollars require the users to at least make 30 dollars before it allows the user to withdraw the money. This is significantly higher than the $10 required by Survey Junkie in order to withdraw money.

✅ The biggest advantage that Survey Junkie has over competing companies is that it pays users for effort alone. Survey users don’t find out if they meet the requirements for a paid survey until they answer some of the first few questions. After that, the website decides if the user meets the requirements or not. In competing websites such as InboxDollars, the user only gets paid if they meet the requirement AND complete the survey. However, Survey Junkie gives the user a couple of points for effort alone. This means that the user makes money even if they do not meet the requirements.


Like every other website that exists, Survey Junkie has its flaws as well.

❌ First of all, the demand for surveys on Survey Junkie is higher than the supply. The vast amount of members using the site cause the surveys to fill up pretty fast. This can pose a disadvantage to those members who either have full-time jobs or busy schedules and are not able to take the surveys as soon as they are posted.

❌ Another major disadvantage that Survey Junkie has in comparison to other survey websites is the limited number of ways to make money. Survey Junkie only has two primary methods of making money, which are taking paid surveys or participating in focus group discussions. Competing company websites have various other methods of making money, such as playing mini-games, watching videos, and testing new products despite those tasks usually don’t pay as much as taking surveys.

❌ Arguably the biggest flaw of Survey Junkie is that it does not have an app that can be used for mobile use. In this day and age, almost every business and website has created an app version of its brand. This makes it inconvenient for those users who are always on the go and can not always access a laptop or computer to take surveys.


Survey Junkie is our favorite site to make money online. It has a very well designed payment and by far one of the highest number of surveys and best payout. As any survey sites, Survey Junkie is not for those individuals that are looking for a full-time job or trying to use this website as their primary source of income. The compensation rate is way too low for it to be used as the main way to make money.

However, it is an excellent way to earn some extra cash or use it as a side job and probably the highest payouts you will ever find.  Survey Junkie can be a productive tool for those individuals that like to spend a lot of time browsing the internet. Instead of roaming websites for no reason, they can spend their time on the internet making some money.

Our rating: 4,9

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