LifePoints Review 2020

A company that helps different “brands deliver better products and services” through consumer opinions.

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Lifepoints, just like many other companies, had humble beginnings dating back to when it was first absorbed by the Nation Family Opinions in 1946. Subsequently, Lifepoints was obtained by the company, Lightspeed Research. Back then, the company was known as ‘Global Test Market’ but was recently rebranded in 2019 to attract more clients in the industry. Lifepoints is a reflection of two predominant market research companies, Lightspeed and MySurvey, that are known to have a great dominance over the industry.

Today, Lifepoints has a wide span across the globe, with partnerships formed across borderlines in 70 countries and an impressive 5 million active members that use the platform regularly. This astounding accomplishment has undoubtedly been the result of the internet, which has made forging new connections between brands simpler than ever.


✅ Countless surveys and tasks are available.

✅ The platform boasts an optimum user-friendly design.

✅ The redemption options are reliable due to its flexibility.

✅ The platform is straightforward as users are aware of the time required to complete a survey and the amount of money earned in the process.

❌ There is no process in place for referrals.

❌ Rewards take time to obtain.


Simply put, Lifepoints is a brand that offers agencies with consumer insights on their listed products or services.

Now let’s understand how the platform works through the perspective of a panelist.

When a new panelist completes the registration process, the panelist begins to receive surveys through the mail they just registered on the platform. The choice to provide your opinions on a certain survey is totally left to you, the customer. The survey, however, can be associated with a whole variety of components in your daily life and may even be about brands that you are familiar with.

Moreover, although it may not be widely known, the platform also provides an opportunity for users to gain rewards through other means such as product testing and mini-polls. Users can also involve themselves with other data gathering processes to earn rewards. This way, users do not need to heavily rely on just surveys but can vastly benefit from other activities on the platform to boost their rewards.

The platform also provides immense flexibility to a user by letting them choose surveys or other tasks at their own convenience. The only catch is that the user needs to complete the tasks within the stipulated survey period. It is also important to note that a vast majority of the surveys only need about 10 to 15 minutes to be completed, and the length of the survey you take has a strong correlation with the size of the reward you receive. Another factor that may determine the size of the reward you receive is the urgency of the survey itself. The more urgent the task is, the larger the rewards are. The same principle applies to the length of surveys.

Are you worried that you may not be able to complete a survey? Do not. Incomplete tasks and surveys still provide users with an opportunity to earn some rewards. However, the points you earn will differ. Smaller pay-outs will eventually push you to the cash out level, and they cannot be undermined while using the platform.

Through all the processes on the website, the comprehensibility of this platform for a new user is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The platform ensures that it is inclusive by making sure that all surveys and tasks can be completed universally by everyone, and the only real necessity to access and utilize this platform is an internet connection.


Primarily, the minimum age requirement to join the platform is 14 years. Apart from this restriction, the registration process is convenient and simplistic for all users. Users from all across the planet can create an account on the platform and proceed with completing their respective tasks and survey.

  1. Give your name and email address then proceed with creating a strong password to protect your account

  2. Complete your profile: After creating your account, you will be asked to confirm your email address through the confirmation mail that is sent out. In the process of confirming your mail, you will be required to answer a few questions regarding your profile to ensure that you are placed in the correct demographic. The information you provide will optimize the platform’s ability to provide you with the most related tasks and surveys. When you are done with this procedure, you will earn 10 points. It is crucial that you provide accurate information to the questions that are asked, as this is the only way the platform can ensure that you receive the most appropriate tasks and surveys that will appeal to you.

  3. Take surveys: If you have completed filling in your profile details, you will be on your way to start taking surveys and earning rewards for your input.


Lifepoints is a diverse platform, and there is no doubt that the surveys it offers are diverse too. Surveys can be found on essentially every topic. These topics range from common topics such as food, sports, and travel to more sophisticated topics such as politics, technology, and physical fitness.

There are two major factors that impact the number of rewards that you can earn at any given time. These two factors are:

  • The urgency of a survey needed to be completed.
  • The time required to complete the survey (length).
From the factors above, it is easy to establish that the higher the urgency and length of a particular task/survey, the greater the rewards are. You might be wondering what makes Lifepoints different from the countless number of other market research companies out there today. Well, let us show you the unique approach Lifepoints takes to provide its users with new opportunities that are never seen on any other platform in the industry.

  • Survey: Predominantly, you can participate in surveys to earn your rewards. You will be asked to give your opinions about certain products or services that you use or are of interest to you. Unlike other platforms, Lifepoints provides you with an ample number of surveys that perfectly match your passions and preferences.

  • Product testing: Few brands require direct feedback about a product or service they offer. The product will be sent to you for a detailed review, and the best part is that you get to keep this product once you are done reviewing it. This feature is a game-changer as many people love to get hands-on with a task, and this feature precisely provides that.

  • Observing behavior: Another method to earn points is by observing and recording your experiences through a diary entry. Certain clients care about their personal experiences with services or products offered by a particular brand and if you feel like you are one of these people, recording your experiences with a diary may be an ideal way through which you can earn extra points by writing about the thing you care about the most. It is not always likely that you would get to write about a specific product or service, because, at times, the platform may also prompt you to write a diary entry for a product or service that falls out of your interests. What is particularly appealing about this feature is that you can complete it anywhere or anytime. If you are waiting for the bus or standing in line to get a coffee, a diary entry will always help you get extra points that push you towards your cash-out goal.

  • Booster points: Every task on the platform offers you Lifepoints and booster points. Once you get to 100 percent, you will receive a reward immediately

  • Daily challenges: One can participate in daily challenges such as the answering 30 questions in 30 days challenge.

  • Earn-on-the-go: This survey option depends on your current location. To do this, you need to turn on your geolocation, which instantly gives you 50 points. Leaving it on for each subsequent month provides you with an additional 20 points. Geo-based surveys earn you a lot of points. For example, a regular survey offers you about 20-100 points, whereas geo-based surveys can range up to 200 points.
Additionally, there is no cap in the amount you can earn through the platform. To get a reward, you need to accumulate 5,500 Lifepoints. The amount you earn with time solely depends on you, as the more you use the platform, the more likely you are to earn rewards


In short, Lifepoints is not another website that is trying to rip you off. It has a legitimate business model and is run by renowned market research companies. From a quality standpoint, the website offers surveys and tasks that are easily accessible and doable, and there are minimal restrictions set in place. The website, however, needs to work on its customer support by incorporating a live-chat and hotline feature. The platform should also reassess how it flags its users as inaccurate flagging has become a problem in the platform.                  

In a gist, Lifepoints is one of the best the world offers at the moment in terms of online surveying sites, and its unique approach indefinitely makes it more attractive to users worldwide.                                                                           

Our rating: 4,9

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